AR15 Upper Receiver Parts

AR15 Upper Receiver Parts

14. Other than the major parts, AR15 barrel, bolt carrier group etc… you will need less thought for the remaining parts such as the charging handle and forward assist to complete your AR15 build. Dust Covers are also an optional accessory on some AR15 upper receivers.

The dust cover on the AR15 allows the bolt carrier group and inner working of the rifle to remain relatively free from blown in dust and debris. This dust cover very handy in sand-box type environment and opens automatically as the action cycles.

The forward assist, while not present on all AR15 upper receivers, helps push the bolt carrier group into battery. This option would be handy in a tactical or self defense use AR15. A simply bump forward on this assist button is usually enough to force the bolt closed of dust or grime are present in the chamber or action.

These parts can sometimes be found in Upper Receiver Parts kits.

Charging handles may require a little more thought. The mil-spec charging handle is forged aluminum and has the release latch on the right side to be operated right handed. An ambidextrous charging handle may be operated either right or left handed.  If a scope is to be used, a “Tactical” latch is suggested to more easily clear the scope when operating the charging handle. While the mil-spec charging handle is forged some manufacturers are using steel handles for extra strength while others are using weaker 6160 aluminum which is more prone to bending while operating the AR15 charging handle.

A delta ring is not always used, but is used with standard mil-spec hand guards. The barrel nut is always necessary but the style of barrel nut may vary based on the hand guard that you use.

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